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SADKO's commitment to its Business Partners

We foster long term and fruitful relationships with our valued suppliers and distributors. This approach enables us to capitalize on each others’ strengths and to drive both mutual and sustainable growth.
Our Partnerships are built on the Sadko core values of professionalism, fairness, reliability and respect.

The Sadko – Kiriazi Partnership

Since day one, Sadko was built on a vision; to be the unique and sole distributor of white goods in the Egyptian market and push its opperations to be widespread geographically over the entirety of Egypt.

Its distribution network extends to cover over 700 home appliance dealers nationwide. Furthermore, a competent sales team is committed to supporting the needs and creating value for the dealers that Sadko covers. Sadko’s key partner, Kiriazi is one of the leading white goods manufacturers in the Egyptian market. Its product range includes refrigertors, freezers, automatic washing machines, gas cookers and gas water heaters.

The Sadko- Kiriazi partnership started in 1986 when Sadko became the sales and distribution arm of Kiriazi. Sadko played a key role in establishing a concrete presence for Kiriazi products all over Egypt through an extended network of traders, wholesalers and retailers. The Sadko-Kiriazi partnership has been going on successfully for over 26 years now. It has enabled expanding growth for both parties.

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